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The Weekly Yak

Apr 2019

Making ASMR

Hiya folks. Join us as we TALK ABOUT THE WEATHER. But seriously, we discuss our favorite types of ASMR and decided to make our own. Well, sort of. Also, Mak forgets to lock his door because he's old, Randy talks about celebrities, and Mel talks about ladies and their bits. Interesting!

Apr 2019

Paris is Flaming

Greetings, playas. Listen in as we talk about Mak and his students giving back to the community and Randy's experience watching two Futurama episodes. We also discuss the tragedy at Notre Dame and tell people to get over some stuff. Sounds like an adequate episode to me.

Apr 2019

Dead Mall

Oh, didn't see you there. Anyway, here's a new show where Mak talks about niche videos on YouTube, Randy talks about a long-lost relative, and Mel is super ready for Game of Thrones to be back. Also, we discuss who is jealous of James Franco and the lady who played a huge part in bringing us the first picture of a black hole. If they wanted to see what a black hole looked like, they could've just checked where the show's souls should be. Enjoy!

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