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The Weekly Yak

Mar 2015

Hot Dog Water

Mak is doing a show all by his lonesome, so you should come keep him company. Listen in as he talks having a stomach bug, food trucks, and his mom's dating life. *shudder* Plus, there's some baseball and a kid being denied wearing his high school letter jacket. Enjoy, losers!

Mar 2015


Well, more frequent episodes...just like we promised! Anyway, join us as we do a show with no script. You heard right. Believe it or not, we usually write out what we want to talk about. But not this time! Listen in as we discuss 2000s movies, what disqualifies you as a virgin, and girls that weren't all that great in high school. Plus, we talk about a fan-made Power Rangers short film and the Anti-Vax movement. And by the way, no one actually contracted AIDS during the production of this episode...we hope.

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