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The Weekly Yak

Oct 2013

Erin in the Skye With Diamonds

Well, we have a lady in the house so we'll have to use our manners. Listen up as we talk to the lovely model, Erin Skye. We talk to her about her beginnings, accomplishments, and her share of creepers. We also talk about Mak being a good Samaritan and his high school reunion coming up. They should all be very impressed. Correction: no, they shouldn't.

Oct 2013

Titty City

Well, Norm is back and we're a family again. Listen as we get reacquainted and discuss getting old, doctor visits and, once again, Mak's sexuality. We also chat on Kate Upton, Miley Cyrus & Sinead O'Connor, and our hypothetical children. It's not exactly a positive-themed show, but it'll do

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