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Aug 2013

Urinal Cake

We're firing on all cylinders here at the Yak. More content, less quality. Anyway, listen to us talk about Norm's ankle, retail employees, and Mak's high school. We also discuss Ben Affleck as Batman, TMNT, and the upcoming football season. If you're already tired of us, don't worry...we can't keep this pace up forever.

Aug 2013

Phil & Bill

Welcome, players. Listen in as we have two - that's right, TWO - special guests on The Yak this time. Phil and Bill are here as we hear all about them and their interesting stories. We also talk about Mak being a cranky old man and getting a tattoo, news about the West firefighters, and a guy that can control clouds. Sounds like a good show to us. But if not...hey, it's free!

Aug 2013

Bunny Ears

Hey home slizzles. Come listen to us shout things into the mics. We delve into Mak's beach volleyball adventure and discuss tying our shoes. We also talk about people who stood up for a Wendy's cashier and whether a marriage proposal rejection is real or fake. You can listen to us on the go on Stitcher with their mobile app! Go get it!

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