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Jul 2013

Keep Looking Up

Radio has lost a great man. We decided to do a tribute show to a legend and Mak's radio idol, Kidd Kraddick. God bless.

Jul 2013

Ho Lee Fuk

Hey, fellers. It's so hot here. Our asses are sweating. Anyway, we dry off and speak of new (old) headphones and an old guy who apparently just learned to read. Plus, we talk about new movies, the Asiana Airlines and Six Flags tragedies, and the George Zimmerman verdict. We do a very poor job discussing the latter, however. But that's how we do.

Jul 2013

Orkin Man

Hi there. Come on in...the water's fine. Anyway, listen to us as we ramble about running clubs, Walmart, and trips to the beach. We also discuss Bill Burr, sexist language, and watch some YouTube vids. Happy belated Fourth of July, by the way. See what freedom gets you? This.

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