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Apr 2013

It Stings!

Two shows in two weeks?! We're proud of ourselves. Join the celebration as we talk about early episodes of the show, a new way to brush your teeth, and Mak's trip to the land of the Aggies. We also discuss the NFL Draft, the West memorial, and watch YouTube videos that weren't a good idea to watch on an audio-only podcast. We're still a work in progress. Enjoy, rubes!

Apr 2013


Hello, folks. Open your ears and shut your mouths and listen as we discuss Norm's 30th birthday party and some uber-cliche pick-up lines. We also talk about the terrible tragedies in Boston and right up the road in West, Texas. Our thoughts are with the people of both of those communities. We are a resilient country and we will recover. Believe it.

Apr 2013

Make Up Show

Welcome, fellow Yakkers. Put a quarter in and listen as Mak and Norm reconcile and talk about an interesting event while waiting for fast food. We also talk about The Tonight Show changes, Roger Ebert, and Josh Hamilton. Some people just don't know when to keep their mouths shut. We may fall into that category, too. Enjoy!

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