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Dec 2012

Auld Lang Yak

To close out 2012, we did a quick, LIVE show on New Year's Eve. Even though it's a mini-episode, we still delve into what we got for Christmas and more women troubles. We also update you on the model that may be on the show and give you our New Year's resolutions. We should definitely resolve to be more funny.

Dec 2012


How's it hangin'? Boy, do we have a super-sized episode for you! However, that doesn't necessarily translate into better. Anyway, listen in as we talk about Mak not respecting women, some unintentional road rage, and dumb things people call their grandparents. We also discuss the Kansas City Chiefs' tragedy, Chevy Chase, and some things women should never forgive. We're on Instagram now! Follow us at @weeklyyak! Or not.

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