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The Weekly Yak

Nov 2012

Beautiful Disturbance

Rock on, Yakkers! Pull up an amp as we talk to Beautiful Disturbance about who they are, how they formed, and what they stand for. Plus, we talk about interesting stories they have from life on the road. We also talk about a woman getting banned from Facebook, the rednecks who work at Wal-Mart, and a possessed toaster. Since we had an awesome rock band on the show, that does make us cooler, right? Maybe?

Nov 2012

The Nuke-ly Yak

What's shakin', bacon? Plop yourself down as we get acquainted with a long lost dude. We also talk about some intensity on Mak's Facebook, video games, and the election. And by the by, this show got cut short because Nuke had to leave and some computer glitches. So if you're looking for our regular length, you'll be disappointed (that's what she said?).

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