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The Weekly Yak

Aug 2012

Parties & Girls

Greetings. Check out this shit storm of hilarity we have for ya. We have it all - Mak failing epically with a chick, Norm's weird-ass dreams, and a special guest sits in. We also talk about movies we've seen and check out YouTube for clips about the internet and a dude making an "I love you so I'm going to make you this extremely awkward video", um video. Enjoy, losers!

Aug 2012

Wrong Number

Oh, hello. We didn't see you there. This week's show is full of anger...OK, so maybe it's just Mak that's angry. Use your computation machine to listen as Mak talks about peeing in the bathtub, we call a number who left us a voice mail, and how people are incapable of forming lines at fast food places. We touch on the Rangers, watch a huge girl on YouTube, and discuss how people give credit to unfunny people. Watch out for people playing World of Warcraft, they don't mess around.

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