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Jul 2012


Welcome. This was our first LIVE show...that nobody listened to. Oh well. Listen now as we talk about Mak's awful love life and a girl at Norm's job who might be a lesbian. We also talk about, of course, the Aurora shooting tragedy and how Chick-fil-A hates butt pirates. The Yak never discriminates based on sexual orientation...but we do hate minorities.

Jul 2012

Mani & Pedi

Looky what we have for you...another new show! Well, maybe it's not that exciting. Anyway, listen in as we discuss making home decisions based on your dog, Norm competing in a dodge ball tournament, and Mak getting his first pedicure (you can judge later). We also have some weird news and we hear what Louis C.K. thinks about the whole Daniel Tosh rape joke thing. We don't see the problem...rape is hilarious. Love us!

Jul 2012


Come on in. We have candy. On the show this time we have two all new guests: Jenn and Bryce. Listen as they talk about being married and being in the military. We listen to new voice mails, read an e-mail, and get over it. We also talk about the MLB All-Star Game and watch numerous YouTube videos. Sounds like a winner, right? Right?!

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