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The Weekly Yak

Apr 2012

Use It or Lose It

Well hello. Fancy seeing you here. And since you are here, you might as well listen. We talk about stupid endings to relationships, trying to speak more gooder, and Laz's bachelor party this weekend in Austin. Then there's the obligatory Texas Rangers talk and we watch YouTube videos that highlight the best in the different races. This show sounds like a keeper, eh?

Apr 2012

Titties and Ass Cheeks

The title alone should make you want to listen. But this one will probably fall short of your expectations. But listen anyway as we get called assholes at a bar, Norm sees some crazy stuff in Dallas, and Mak is tired of seeing old guys naked, *shudder*. We also have Rangers talk and Sweet Brown on YouTube. She does not disappoint. Enjoy our ramblings!

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