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The Weekly Yak

Mar 2012


Another new show within a week? WTF?! Anyway, plop yourself down as we talk of dating site drama, websites that make it easier for you to cheat on your spouse, and being distracted by hot joggers. Also, we discuss The Hunger Games and the the Trayvon Martin tragedy. And there's some Geraldo mixed in there somewhere, too. Don't forget about Facebook and Twitter...assholes.

Mar 2012

Customer Disservice

The Weekly Yak with Chris: Take Two. Listen in as we try this again with our special guest. We talk about bad service with two different sandwich shops, going to the movies, and The Hunger Games. We also talk some baseball history, Peyton Manning, and we watch some dumb girls on YouTube. Enjoy, damn it!

Mar 2012

Beavers and Cox

Keep your pants on! We finally have a new show for ya. Actually, just go ahead and take your pants off. Listen in as a new guest sits in and talks with us, A.J. Cox. We talk about lots of things like online dating, tattoos, and splitting the check. Also, we discuss Mak and Norm becoming roommates, Joseph Kony, and other things. Jump on our Twitter and Facebook. Now. Don't make us hurt you.

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