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The Weekly Yak

Jul 2011


All three of us are together again?! Who knew?! After you settle down from that exciting news, join us in our discussion of super powers, baseball, and urine tossing (soon to be an Olympic event). Plus, we touch on the Casey Anthony verdict, iPhones, and not-so-appropriate Family Night board games. Don't fear the anus!

Jul 2011

But Seriously, Folks…

Well hello there. This may be one of the more serious episodes we've ever done, so that's always hilarious. So pull up a sincere seat and listen as we welcome Nuke back to the show, discuss mispronounced words, and relive our recent dealings with douches. We also hit up Lamebook, YouTube, and various other crap. This show was recorded last week, but is being released on the 4th of July. Happy Birthday, America. You're welcome.

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