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Apr 2011

Mental Boner

Well looky here...a new episode to choke down. Brock is our special guest this week so listen as he and Mak reminisce about high school. We also discuss Norm's week at work, Mak's trip to Arlington last weekend, and Brock's high school stalker he was unaware of. We also blab about Chilean slang, why not to give girls oral sex, and other...stuff. And what's the we have to pay you people to follow us on Twitter and "like" the Facebook page? Geez!

Apr 2011

Mustache With Titties

Well, no special guest this week. Sad day. Mak and Norm are here, though. Even sadder day. But have a listen anyway as we discuss the dentist, A LOT of baseball, and awful sporting good chains. We also bring up good ol' Nic Cage, how being a dick may help your love life, and Action Figure Therapy. Subscribe on iTunes and rate us!

Apr 2011

Bowl Full of Prophylactics

A second straight week with a different special guest?! What?! Norm's friend, Jason, is in from New Mexico and he joins in on the show. We're all over the place in this episode, but one fact you should take away from this show is that Mak hates roaches. We also discuss Charlie Sheen failing at his live shows and a bit of Weird News. Twitter us. Now.

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Apr 2011

I’ve Got Dicks in My Dick

Hey peeps. Come listen as our special guest, Leslie, sits in on the wonderment that is our show. We discuss ghosts, bars, and more big-ass titties. We also debate Rebecca Black vs. Kim Kardashian, Dwight David Honeycutt for the Conway School Board and, of course, Weird News. Listen, damn you!

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