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Jul 2010

We Love TV on DVD

Hey Yakkers. We watch a lot of television on DVD, so we're talking a lot about that. We also have a new segment where we talk about weird, wacky news. And, of course, we hit up celeb news. Send us the link to any weird news story at Weekly Yak out!

Jul 2010

Seahorses 4 Eva!

Hello, Yakkers. We have a present for you guys...our new cast member, Becca! See what she has to offer as we discuss songs that have been remade, how parents know nothing about technology, and some old and new stuff from YouTube. We also talk celebrity news, as always. Join our Fan Page @

Jul 2010

Take It Easy

Welcome, players. We've been busy the last couple of weeks. Listen in as we talk about going to Dallas a few times, the iPhone 4 glitches, and businesses that are slowly fading away. We also talk Emmy nominations and, as always, celebrity news. Check us out on Twitter -- @weeklyyak.

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